We are offering our new and existing  customers the opportunity to own their logistic company. Become an international shipper by shipping items for your clients from UK and US via our Logistics Synergy Program (LSP)

This is an opportunity to begin that Entrepreneurial journey you have always wanted. Leverage on our experience we we will walk you through how to start, grow and protect your business and of course discounted rates. .


To be part of this program, you must meet this criteria

1. Applicant must have a business name (either registered with CAC or not)
It is important to have a business name as the shipping will be done through your business name. Your customers must indicate their name and co. Your business name before shipping to our UK or US addresses

2. Applicant must have an active Instagram page for the business or website

3.  Upon registration, you need to send us a valid means of identifications approved by the federal government of Nigeria, and valid address and proof of address, that is Utility Bill

4. Applicants must ensure that the types of items they want to ship are not contrabands

5. Applicants must register for the program via our website www.horlogistics.com.ng

6. Applicants must be resident in Nigeria, US , UK or Canada to join


Rates for shipment from the UK

£3.75 per kg  and N5,000 handling fee for items that weigh lesser 10kg and £3.5 per kg and N5,000 for items  that weigh 10 kg and abo ve

Rate for shipment from US

Flat rate of $3.75 per lbs plus N5000 handling fee