How HOR Shipping Works

Need to shop online and ship to Nigeria ?
  1. Can you make card payment on the website ? If yes, continue below
  2. Request for our Address
  3. Shop on the website and use our address to checkout
  4. When orders are delivered, notify us of delivery
  5. Do you want to ship that Week? If yes, continue below
  6. No action is required from you, we ship on friday. Items arrive in 4-7 working days
  7. If you don't want us to ship that week, create a hold instruction before Thursday close of business, items will be held and shipped the next week, either alone or with any additional items that arrive that week for you
  8. We email you your shipping invoice
  9. You make payment
  10. Items are delivered to you or available for pickup based on instruction communicated during order placement
Do you want us to assist in placing orders on your behalf ?
  1. Request for Checkout Assistance
  2. Send us product link, colour, size, quantity and shipping method
  3. We send you your invoice
  4. Product cost for items plus 20% service charge per website
  5. Note: service charge will not be more than N5,000 or less than 2,000 per website
  6. You make payment and your orders are placed.
  7. We send you the ETA and order number
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