How much is delivery from Lagos to Abuja? Here is your Answer!

Oct 13, 2020 0 Local Order

Delivering your items from Lagos to Abuja has never been easier!
You can send items and have them delivered to your doorsteps from Lagos to Abuja without hassles for as low as NGN2000.
Our Lagos-Abuja Delivery service is available in two (2) packages.
Standard Delivery (takes 2 days) --NGN2,000 for packages weighing 0-2kg
(additional NGN500 for every extra kg).
Express Delivery (next day delivery) --NGN2,500 for packages weighing 0-2kg (additional NGN750 for every extra kg)
Express delivery should be booked before 10 am and Standard delivery should be booked before noon. Orders booked after these times will be considered as received for the next day.
Visit or click on the link on our bio to book online.
Book your order now and trust us to deliver!
For more info, please send us a DM.


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