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Sep 30, 2020 0 Checkout Assistance

We know that sometimes, you need to shop from a particular website and your debit cards do not work. You even try your international cards and they don't work. We all know why, some websites don't allow Nigerian debit cards on their websites because of "you know who". Sad but true ??
Some websites even take it a step further by checking your IP address and once they trace it to Nigeria, they reject your payment. So most of you ask if we can make payment on your behalf?
We do this at a service charge of 20% of the transaction amount. But the charge is limited to a maximum of N5,000 per website and a minimum of N2,000 per website.
What this means is that when we calculate 20% on your transaction amount, we will not take more than N5,000 and less than N2,000.
In addition to this, we may require at least 24hours to treat your request especially if it is for one of those that track IP addresses so your order can be placed from outside Nigeria.
So what are you waiting for ??????? Visit our website to create a checkout assistance.
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