Logistics Technology Trends Beyond 2020: Robotics & Automatics

May 12, 2020 0 Uncategorised

Robotics & Automation

Forklifts have been a vital component to warehouses for decades, and we’re now seeing a shift toward programming this share of the supply chain. The primary goal is improved efficiency. Amazon is a leading example in this space, thanks to its acquisition of Kiva Systems, now known as Amazon Robotics. As Amazon and other companies have shown, implementing robotics and autonomous machinery into the fold can condense delivery times to just a 24 to 48-hour period.
Autonomous forklifts and robots can pick products much sooner than humans, which means companies don’t have to pay human forklift operators. The combination of lower costs and a speedier assembly is a dream come true for any business owner.

On the Part 2 segment coming your way next week Tuesday, we shall be talking about Logistics Safety and Cybersecurity. Stay tuned ??

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