Let's Help You Shop And Ship Items From Amazon

Aug 28, 2019 0 Checkout Assistance

Shopping on Amazon just got easier with HOR Logistics. We can ship items bought from Amazon for customers who can shop with their debit/credit cards while customers who do not have cards to shop online , we can help you shop online using our dedicated Checck Out Assistance Service.

For customers who need to use the Check Out Assiatnce Service. all you need to do is follow the steps below


1. Log on to www.horlogistics.com.ng and register as a customer .

2.Login into your  account to access dashboard on the left side of our webpage and click on ORDERS then you scroll down to Checkout Assistance. Kindly note that before this, you must have logged on to Amazon.com (the website which you are buying the item from)

3. Proceed to initiate  Checkout Assistance, by clicking on Add New

and a dialogue box will pop up then you fill it up with the necessary information asked.

4.Kindly have in mind that  you must  Copy the link from the product website and paste on the Checkout Assistance page. 

Note- you can add as many products as you intend to purchased.

5. After adding as many items as you intend to purchase from Amazon.com , scroll down to the right hand corner of the webpage and click on Create.

6. You receive an email confirmation of your item(s) been received, as well as the Booking details of your Order from our website.

8. You will then receive subsequent emails, on the Processing; Purchased; Shipment status etc. from our website.

For more info you can send us a mail at info@horlogistics.com.ng.

…….We are HOR      Trust us to deliver…..


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